Living Aboard Podcast – Marinas

Let’s continue our journey aboard with a discussion about marinas – featuring our special guest marina owner Tom Cox. Enjoy!

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  • I was a live aboard for about 5 years. I am in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. That means that living on a boat year round will involve some cold winters. If the area where you are going to live experiences cold winters, take this into consideration ahead of time. The amenities that you need in the warmer season may not be the same as those needed in the colder season.

    Some of you may feel that to live on a boat year round in an area that experiences cold winters is CRAZY! I know. I have heard it all before. Actually, winters are not bad. You pretty much have a private marina. It is very quite and serine. It also kinda feels like you are telling mother nature to take a hike.

  • Maurice:

    Quote: “It also kinda feels like you are telling mother nature to take a hike.”

    I do not agree with that part of the article. Yes, at times nature, in the form of weather, can hammer you, but most other times you can get close to the best possibilities that nature can offer. I have just come down the ICW, and parts of the South Carolina and Georgia “low country” is stunning for its solitude and beauty. No cars, no crowds, and only the occasional urban blight. Nature encourages you to drink it all in.

    • Thanks Maurice for the note. From my perspective, that the other commenter and you seem to be in rather general agreement. “Take a hike” seems to mean that we live the way we want to live. If we want to live in the winter cold, go south for the winter or whatever else we might want to do, we can do it. As liveaboards we can overcome nature and nature is not our master, provided that we prepare. I agree, the solitude and beauty of S.C. and GA are just amazing. I just love the solitude and quiet of that part of the world.

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